A9000: Buffer brush, neutral, pink color

VAT included

Item Code: A9000

Buffer brush, neutral, pink color. Conf. 250 pcs

Swabs and sponges with toothbrush for oral hygiene "oral care" has a curved shape suitable to easily remove the residue attached to the teeth helping to prevent the formation of dental plaque and the risk of VAP. Individually packed; they are available in neutral version or treated with a refreshing mint. All products have a plastic handle in order to prevent possible contamination by contact.


The oral cavity is the source of hospital infections such as nosocomial and associated ventilation pneumonia (VAP). Dental plaques, mucus, secretions and food residues facilitate bacterial colonization of the area and the proliferation of pathogens. In order to prevent the onset of these pathologies, it is appropriate to develop and implement a complete protocol for oral hygiene which may include the use of adequate safeguards, so as to protect the health of the patient in the best possible way. guest / patient.

The Sponge swabs oral brushes are individually wrapped and available in a neutral version or treated with a refreshing substance. All items are equipped with plastic handle in order to prevent the possibility of contact contamination. The sponge part has shapes suitable for removing easily and easily the food residues adhering to the teeth, helping to prevent plaque formation and VAP risk. Sponge swabs systems are also available with suction channel and regulation valve.

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